Of Yoga & SF Yogis

I can't get over how up-their-posteriors SF's "yogi" and "yogini" faction of society tends to be.  People, you are doing some stretching & breathing exercises, and your flexibility is admirable.  Limber, you are.  Here is what you are NOT:

- Indian, despite you giving off vibes of being more Indian than Indians born and raised in India.
- Possessing of a close kinship to Lord Shiva, and intimately aware of what he would wish of the masses.  No, really. 
- Capable of being immersed into a collective consciousness on a molecular level, as is the nature of Asian cultures.  Living in a commune does not count, I'm afraid.
- Particularly egalitarian.  I'm no authority on yoga myself, but I doubt if it encourages practitioners to establish a sub-class system based on frequency of class attendance, deliberate spacy-ness, flexibility, & number of piercings/dreadlocks.

Get over yourselves.  You get the cheap daytime classes while the rest of us are out at work subsidizing you.  Be thankful for THAT, and move over to let us also unwind in the evening classes, judgment-free.

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